I haven't been to hypnotherapy before.  What happens?


Depending on the issue we will need to know your medical history and family background and what changes you want. We may also ask for a referral from your GP.  Subsequent visits will focus more intently on the changes you desire through hypnotherapy and assist you to develop powerful personal resources.  Each session of Clinical hypnotherapy including hypnosis, NLP and coaching is highly confidential and is also individually tailored to your needs as you are a unique human being!



I’ve seen hypnosis on TV and am worried about losing control.



Stage hypnosis is purely entertainment.  Eager volunteers are fully aware that they are playing a role and are usually exhibitionists otherwise they wouldn’t generally volunteer.  Suggestibility testing is performed on the group to see who will most likely respond to the hypnosis.  Those who are trying to prove they can’t be hypnotised are not chosen.   The pressure is then on the “chosen” ones to behave in the way the stage hypnotist wants and naturally people want to succeed, not be embarrassed through being uncooperative.  In other words they have been conditioned  prior to the show with a temporary social norm created where they are not accountable for their actions.


I’m sceptical.  



Being sceptical is fine.  It shows you have a questioning mind which can be beneficial to change. Hypnosis is a natural occurrence which happens every day when you are deep in your imagination or lost in thought.  During a hypnotherapy session, as you listen to the hypnotherapist you use your conscious thought processes to act on the instructions given.  In other words – without you being involved in hypnosis it won’t happen!  The hypnotherapist utilises your inner resources and their skill to guide you through it.


But what is hypnosis actually?


The reticular activating system is your brain’s filter and when there is a slowing down in the amount of information reaching it, there is a slowing down of brainwave activity as seen when you are sleeping or relaxing.


Hypnosis is when you are in this natural, altered state of consciousness and you can return to full awareness at any time.


Hypnotherapists work with the subconscious mind which is the store-house of information and beliefs the conscious mind has analysed and decided to retain, sometimes to your detriment.  Using your focus e.g. with words, images, sounds, memories etc while other external stimuli  is excluded, a hypnotic state in varying degrees can be reached.


With your permission, accredited hypnotherapists use suggestion responsibly and as a tool during the session to effect positive change in the subconscious mind. 



Does hypnosis really work?


There is evidence ancient Egyptians and Greeks practiced hypnosis however the term hypnosis has been around since mid 1800's and hypnotherapy was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958.  More recent research and studies by professional organisations confirm that hypnosis is a valuable treatment option.