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Weight management; Using Focus and Action as tools

One of things most noticeable when clients come for hypnotherapy is that they usually have a strong focus on what they don't want. You may have heard the saying "what you fear you draw to you". As human beings we are energy beings and in my experience we have a tendency to be like magnets, that draw 'like' energy toward us (the law of attraction). So focusing on what you don't want is precisely what you get - what you don't want! Now is your time to invest in yourself and manage your weight. Begin simply by focusing on what you DO want. What is your goal? Do you wish to be healthier?

Be more specific, write it down. Would you like to have regular blood pressure, eat enriching foods that your body enjoys and that give you energy, be able to wear beautiful clothes that give you a warm and lovely feeling when you look in the mirror, have a long and joyful life, to be able to travel knowing your good health will see you through, to be able to play with your children and have energy left over. See how these are positive statements?

Now that you've got the idea, write down the specifics of your goals. Have fun with it, imagine the new you when you've reached your goal. And most importantly take ACTION to see the desires become reality. My mother who's family were fishermen told me a story once that her grandmother told her. It went something like this;

A fisherman was out at sea and a strong storm blew up. The storm was so fierce that the fisherman feared for his life so he began to pray. "God, please save me! I'm not ready to die. I have faith in you and know you are all powerful and can help me. Please save me!" As the storm progressed a small boat went by and the man on the small boat yelled out "Here's a rope. Grab it, quickly". The fisherman continued to pray and ignored the man on the boat. I have faith and God will save me he thought. Very soon a large ship came by and the Captain sent a lifeboat out to rescue the fisherman. But the fisherman ignored the lifeboat and continued to pray. I have faith and God will save me he thought. A search and rescue party in a helicopter saw the boat in trouble as the storm was now fierce and water was filling the vessel. They lowered a winch and tried to get the fisherman to safety. But the fisherman refused thinking I have faith and God will save me! Soon the storm won and the man died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates he met God and in his anger he cried "I believed in you, I had faith and I prayed and asked you to save me. You always said "ask and ye shall receive" yet you didn't help me when I truly needed you". God looked at him kindly and whispered "My son, I heard you and acted. I sent a man with a rope to help you and you turned him away. Then I sent a large ship with a lifeboat and you refused his help as well. And finally I sent a helicopter and you once again refused and turned them away. I can give you everything you need and indeed I have also given you free will, however if you don't take action to help yourself there is nothing more I can do".

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