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Becoming a Lazy Person

Do you consider yourself a lazy person? Before you jump to the conclusion that laziness is simply a negative trait and a way of getting out of doing things, consider this. Laziness is a state of being and a "state" is difficult to objectively describe. It encompasses so many other variants such as emotion, beliefs, values, mood, memories, habits and experience from the person's environment.

I've known 'lazy' people who are brilliant as laziness is their driver to move forward and invent new, easier ways of doing things. So laziness becomes a positive part of their character.

If you think you are lazy but your driver is in reverse and getting you no-where, you can put it into gear by following these steps.

1. Stop shoulding. Instead of thinking of what you should do, be specific in what it is you are wanting to achieve and use "I am" statements. 'Shoulds' put the goal into the future and it is only in the present that action can take place.

2. Give yourself the right directions. Clearly state in the positive using "I will" statements of what you need to do to achieve your goal. Your brain hears something and acts on it. For eg how many parents say to their child "Don't speak with your mouth full!" And of course they do, as that is what they are hearing. So ensure the command you give yourself is in the positive.

3. Make a simple plan - step it out. It is often easier and not as daunting if you have steps to follow one at a time rather then attempting to look at the whole project or job. Each time you complete a step, tick it off and you'll feel motivated to keep going as the mind knows it can finish.

4. Visualise a picture in your mind of doing whatever it is you wish to accomplish. Step inside the picture and see yourself completing the job step by step. And of course, remember to give yourself a pat on the back at the end. And then go have a well-deserved rest :).


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