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Which Part is Running Your Life?

Have you ever felt upset or uncomfortable when one part of you wants to do something, but another part of you doesn't.

An example is sitting relaxing, watching TV and at the same time feeling sabotaged as you promised yourself that you would go for that walk every day.

Or enjoying a smoke while feeling uncomfortable as you admit to yourself that they are bad for your health and you really need to give them up.

Or eating the last piece of pie when yesterday you were so committed to starting to manage your weight.

Before you begin to wonder if you have Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as split personality or multiple personality), research suggests that this affects less then 5% of the population. However our personality, according to Dr. Gordon Emmerson whom we had the pleasure of training with this month, is composed of parts and those parts are our Resource States.

When we are in good pyschological health our states or parts are useful and work in accord with each other, compromising and adjusting in different situations for the benefit of ...well... us!

However pathological parts that hold unwanted emotions and behaviours can have a direct impact on our life and can have us feeling uneasy, conflicted, emotional, confused, blocked, fearful and generally unable to consistently behave in the way one part of us genuinely wants to be.


As therapists we work with the parts in a respectful way so that consensus can be reached and Resource States can be returned to Normal Condition where the parts are all liked and appreciated by the other parts in a pyschologically healthy way.

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With thanks to:

Gordon Emmerson, PhD (2014), Resource Therapy Primer, Old Golden Point Press:Victoria:Australia.

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