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Values are for keeps - Goals have an end

If I ask you right now, what are your values, do you know? We each carry a set of values with us, intricately woven into our lives that are silently behind many of our decisions and choices.

When our values are in conflict with our lives or our relationships, we may get a funny feeling in our stomach or our heart - as if something is not quite right. Our thoughts may be unclear and conflicted as well.

A simple way of identifying your values is to think of a quality that you enact that is ongoing and forever. Are you a friendly person? Are you agreeable to others and a great companion. What about honesty? Are you truthful in your dealings with others and sincere to yourself. Or adventurous. Do you actively explore new and interesting experiences.

There are so many values; acceptance, curiousity, excitement, freedom, fun, intimacy. respect, fairness, courage, assertiveness. What others can you think of? Don't mistake values for goals which is easy to do. Goals, which we all strive toward and usually have a worthwhile purpose, also have an ending, unlike values. An example is paying off a mortgage. One day the house will be paid off. Or a work goal - finishing that course or getting that promotion. Or saving money for a trip. You'll either do it or reach it, or you won't. It has an ending.

If you aren't happy with where you are at the moment, get in touch with your values. It is a great way to sort out whether the choices you are making right now are WHO you are and where you want to be. They're important as they are ours for keeps.


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