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Focus on the target and hit a bullseye

Archery is a fascinating sport as it depends on intense focus, ability and energy generated through muscles and the bow which is released slowly for maximum effect. As the archer gets closer to the centre, the points received are higher. Like any sport it takes skill and learning to become a proficient archer. In our youth, my brothers and sisters and I used to enjoy making our own bows and arrows from the reeds in the paddocks and a ball of string. Pretending to be Robin Hood and his Merry Men we spent many hours focusing on picking the best reeds and learning to pull the bow back to ensure we captured the 'Sheriff and his band of soldiers'.

Looking at a Target Round in archery I can't help comparing the centre of it to our intent. How are you focusing your intent to target the change you want. Do you set goals and pull the string directly, bracing yourself for setbacks or do you put the bow down when it recoils and gets too tough. Do you train and learn the skills on how to get what you want through being fluid and flexible, relaxed yet alert just like an archer and do you follow through.

Keeping your eye on the target can be exhilarating as the journey toward the goal can be a creative and fulfilling time of learning and mastering new skills along the way. The goal can be like the target round in archery with many ends and distances to achieve. Keep at it and you'll score points along the way. Keep the goal alive through applied concentration and focus and one day soon you may find to your delight that you will hit the bullseye.

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