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Focus on a Problem with a Laser Beam

When teaching a client how to relax and clear the mind, the eye is sometimes directed to a spot. With laser beam focus, attention is drawn to the spot to the exclusion of all else for a brief moment. Until the client is asked to expand the focus with the peripheral vision, seeing the walls and then the ceiling and floor while still keeping the eye on the spot.

It is a quick and easy way to pay attention, relax and clear the mind. Putting a bit of space between the ongoing chatter of thoughts. A wonderful approach to stress or anxiety relief, a breather in a busy day and a great way to really relax.

You could also approach a problem or a goal in the same way. The intense focus puts the problem into perspective and clears the mind to come up with a solution.

Try it. Think of a specific problem. Write it down and then focus on it, remembering to breathe. I say this as in focusing we sometimes hold our breath! Then using the peripheral vision expand the vision out and see what happens.

Clearing the mind is like having an empty vase which is then ready to fill up with something new and fresh. And it can be interesting to see what insights develop when this exercise is practiced regularly.

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