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“You are getting sleepy........”

Sleep is an essential process in our lives and most of us will spend at least a third of our life asleep. It is a key factor in controlling our health and the appropriate functioning of our organ systems. It is vital for our cells to heal and repair and recover during sleep. According to a report from the Sleep Health Foundation the average sleep time is 7 hours & 18 minutes. However sleep researchers say there is no one magic number for sleep need and we all have individual differences.

Sleep is directly associated with our moods and it is not the period of sleep rather the quality that promotes good health and make us able to function to an optimum level.

In a sound and healthy sleep at night, there appear cycles of sleep in which at initial stages the rhythm of the heartbeat slows, allowing muscles to relax and the temperature of the body to lower.

In light sleep the brain commands the heart; here the body temperature elevates, blood pressure increases and muscles stretch. It is the time where we are dreaming (also called REM sleep; rapid eye movement). If we wake up during this time, we'll witness the heavy breathing pattern, increased heart beat, and sweat as a result of elevated blood pressure and body temperature.

Insomnia is known to be a common condition of depressed clients though it may not be the cause of depression. When worried or undergoing an emotionally traumatic situation the natural biological functions of the body attempts to deal with the worries during REM Cycle of Sleep, the light sleep. This simply means we are not spending enough time in the deeper stages of sleep which are the recuperative stages.

Insomnia can be treated with Hypnotherapy. During Hypnosis we are neither in a deep sleep nor awake rather we are in a subconscious state and completely relaxed and absorbed in the experience. Slowing down the brain activity and making a person feel relaxed is a part of the therapy for insomnia. Dealing with the thoughts and worries is another vital part of treatment.