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To Live is to Grow Change & Learn.

I read a wonderful quote somewhere that I have on my whiteboard at work where I see many people in very difficult circumstances and many have remarked on it as it has given them cause for thought. It goes something like this.

"To live we have to grow, to grow we have to change, to change we have to learn".

When we consider life and nature and how as humans we have an innate survival instinct we can see that change is inevitable and yet remarkably it is resisted by many. I often hear people saying they don't like change yet we are constantly manipulating our relationships, our surroundings, our whole lives in the pursuit of growth whether we are aware of it or not.

Nature itself is continually growing and shedding and sowing its seeds whether plant or animal and we as humans do the same. A seedling becomes a plant with a stalk and leaves and it may grow to become a tree which sheds it leaves in the autumn and spreads its seeds in the spring so that it can continue to survive as a species. And we humans do the same. Letting go of stages in our life, shedding unhelpful relationships or patterns we become stuck in, disposing of material possessions that are unhelpful or no longer needed, changing beliefs that no longer serve us. Changing our lives to grow in a different direction. And through it learning the whole time.

Fear of making mistakes is another common theme and yet through failure we learn to succeed. Who can raise their hand and say they have never made a mistake? It is through mistakes that we are given an opportunity to step back, often amid chaos and take a look at where we have been, decisions we have made and where we want to be. And this is the golden moment where all potential exists, when we can choose again and learn from the mistakes and take a new path bringing a wealth of resources with us that no-one can take away.

Learning can come from education, it is a necessary component to health and income according to the World Health Organisation. Yet learning is also experience and it is when knowledge and experience are combined that wisdom and good judgement results. Education can take a person into a new world, opening the mind and expanding boundaries and capabilities without having to leave the comfort of the known environment. Until through learning and self awareness, there is sufficient change internally as to be comfortable with change in the external world.

To live we have to grow, to grow we have to change, to change we have to learn. Do it! Find out what it is you enjoy, embrace it, learn all you can and see where the change from the growth and expansion of who you are takes you.