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8 Basic Needs Essential for Happiness

Without 8 basic needs being met, disconnection, isolation and depression can occur and keep you in a cycle where something feels missing.

Happiness can be Elusive

When trying to define what they want, clients often say "I just want to be happy". Happiness can be elusive and is a state of being. So how do you find happiness to be happy?

Exploring your basic needs is a great first step to work out what is missing in your life. I have seen clients reactions when finding in more extreme cases that only some or none of their basic needs are met. However, all is not lost and through identifying where on the scale you sit and what you're disconnected from or missing in your life, you can begin to see what action is required. This helps to balance your life in a way that will ensure you're on the road to happiness. (#happiness #basicneeds)

The 8 needs you can't do without

Here are the 8 basic needs that when in balance contribute to a joyous and fulfilling life. Rate each on a scale of 1 to 10 and ask what needs to happen to up the score nudging closer to a 10. Be honest and realistic. Through exploring and being curious about a very important person, that's you, a shift can occur where life begins to unfold the way you want and happiness steps in. (#exploring #balance #happiness)

1. Mental/Physical Health

2. Freedom to Choose/Autonomy

3. Safety/Security/Finances/Home

4. Fun/Enjoyment, hobbies, interests

5. Self esteem/Confidence, personal power

6. Love and belonging/Family, Friends, Intimate relationship, Pets

7. Learning/Creativity/Education

8. Role/Purpose in Life

Once basic needs are sorted you are then in a stronger position to approach life from a state of full awareness. To be human is to experience all of life, and your story with all its ups and downs is a part of the connectedness we share.

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